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    Mar 02, 2007
    Major Problem multiple apps closing unexpectidly HELP!!!!!
    i think i might have a virus on my mac even though i know the chances of that are very slim. It seems that all the time when i try to open applications they just automaticly close and tell me and unexpected error occured.
    this is after other stuff opens just fine and its not always the same applications.
    like right now i try to open ichat and it does it, then iResizer, then quicktime. and i cant open any of them because it jsut gives me and error message. this has happened before and they only fix it just to restart entirely and thats a pain in the you know what. do you know waht i can do to fix this??????????

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    Mar 02, 2007
    this is on OSX 10 btw tiger, but i ahve only had a mac for like 6 weeks and its already giving me problems

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    You've probably installed something that has altered your system and is causing the crashes. Have you installed anything specifically that you think might be causing these problems?

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    Mar 02, 2007
    i hav einstalled quite a bit of thigns which is unfortunate so i am backing stuff up right now before i do an erase and reinstall of tiger.

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    just back up on external and do an system archive or reinstall if your fed up with the whole thing.

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    Dec 24, 2006
    Its probably not a virus.

    1) its a mac.
    2) it doesn't sound like a virus.

    Just try re-formating like you said and go from there.

    Mac OS X = Mac OS 10 (In case you didn't know, its roman numerals)
    And Mac OS X Tiger = Mac OS 10.4.?

    Mac OS 10.5=The new Mac OS X not yet released.

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    I get it with VLC the most... especially if I use the control options in fullscreen mode. It seems as if VLC can't keep a steady frame rate so it crashes.

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