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    Are these two Operating Systems the same???
    Thought I would ask the pros about this one as I am only moderately familiar with Macs. Sorry if it should be posted somewhere else.

    I sold a G3 Powerbook on Ebay for a friend last week. The guy got it yesterday and is telling me the display is broken on it. He sent me a pic of it, but it looks like a different OS to me. The time display is in a different place, the apple icon is blue on mine and colored on his, and the icons on the desktop are different sizes. Sorry I dont have a better pic of the non-broken one, but this is the only one I have w/ a view of the toolbar. Is there any way these are the same lappy? Just trying to not get screwed for being ignorant. Pics attached. Thanks in advance.
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    The first picture has either OS X 10.0 or 10.1, it is hard to see because it is so blurry.
    The second photo has a machine running OS 9.
    The PowerBook G3's were capable of dual booting (either OS X or OS 9), so it is very possible that it is still the same machine.
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    Thanks so much. Just wanted to be sure before I issued a refund. Much appreciated.

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