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    Quick mouse speed adjuster
    I trying to find a program, if it even exists, that will slow the speed of my mouse with the press of a key on my keyboard. I'm trying to do some detailed work in Photoshop and I just switched to Mac, however I would like to be able to adjust my mouse speed with the click of a button or key to slow it down or speed it up or default the speed. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    I have a Razor - Copperhead mouse that works in the manner in Windows with the provided software. Unfortunately it doesn't work in the Mac environment so I'm trying to see if there's an applescript or a utility that will change the speed of the mouse with a click. I wouldn't mind getting an applescript that I can trigger with QS if that's the case.

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    Move your hand faster.

    Seriously. The Mac uses a sharp acceleration curve for mouse movements. If you move your hand slowly, the pointer will crawl even slower. If you move your hand faster, it will fly across the screen. It takes some practice, but there's no keying or clicking.

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    You could try Steermouse.
    Not sure if it'll do what you're looking for or not.
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