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    App loading weirdness - Unix exe
    I have some iso's on my hard-drive which when mounted allow me to access some video tutorials via a app which loads the video within its window. The other day the app crashed and for some reason has converted its self to a Unix Executable file, (get info - Kind - Unix Executable (power PC))

    I have other iso's which are the same but with different content and they are all Applications (get info - Kind - Application (power PC))

    Before it crashed it was fine, I have deleted the file and then re-downloaded it and it still recognized as a unix file.

    What's going on???


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    I am not in front of my Mac right now, but a few things come to mind:

    is the extension .app on the problem program?

    can you force change the type when you bring up the info window?

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    Well, the thing is that the file is on a iso image so i cant understand why it would change in the first place, i also deleted the iso and re downloaded it and it still more working.

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    This is so weird, I have spent all day looking over the net trying to find a solution to this problem and i have found nothing.

    Someone help me....

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    Right-click and open with Disk Utility to mount it and then browse to your content. If you choose View Info you can cause the system to always open it with Disk Utility or Finder or something.

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    yeah, but this is an application, what program opens applications?

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    I thinki have figured out the problem, not sure if i have the solution,

    In Disk utility the image is being mounted as a ISO 9660 File system and it should be a Mac os extended, I have another iso which is from the same source which when mounted is Mac os extended.

    I just don't understand how it could be mac os one minute and ISO 9660 after a crash. Even after i have deleted the iso and re-downloaded a neew version.

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    Does anyone have any idea what's going on with this iso file, why does it mount as a ISO 9660, and why did it work before it crashed.

    I even downloaded the file again,

    very confused.....

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