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Thread: imac to power book move

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    imac to power book move

    Im swapping my imac to a power book and i just want to move all my data and personal files (passwords, app's, defaults, mail, etc) over to the new system,

    What's the best way to do this?

    Is there any software that can help me....


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    These 2 links should help.

    Some info from apple on the subject.

    An app called Super Duper that makes exact copys of your hard drive on other drives/machines. Plus it can do other things too.

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    If i copy my full drive and then copy that over to my new machine, will everything run ok?

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    Isnt their a program in utilities called migration assistant that does this ? As far as I know (never used it) you run it from you connect your powerbook and imac with an ethernet cable and run it from your powerbook, and it will suck all the relevant data (anything that didnt come installed) off your imac.

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