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Thread: tiger shutdown problem

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Unhappy tiger shutdown problem
    just upgraded to tiger on a g5 desktop and installed all the software updates
    but the computer will not shutdown, it will just stay on and the only way to shutdown is to hold the power button
    any solutions here is something interfering with the shutdown

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, killmanred.

    Could you elaborate a bit on the G5 desktop you have? Is it an iMac? Is it a Power Mac? Which model is it? How much RAM? Is the firmware up-to-date?

    In your post, there is nothing to go on for us to help you.

    Also, when you updated, did you unplug all the unnecessary peripherals before the installation of updates? And a good thing to do is quit all open applications before the installs and wait till the installs are done. Did you do that or did you continue to work on your Mac as the updates were installing?

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    Jun 10, 2007
    its a power mac dual 1.8
    with 768ddr sdram
    all firmware up to date

    i didnt take out any usb devices when i upgraded
    could that effect the shutdown

    what can i do to fix it
    should i reinstall tiger with devices takin out

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    Unplugging all unnecessary peripherals is a good and safe practice when you install updates, so keep that in mind when you update software later on. Another thing to remember is quit all apps before the installation and let your Mac update without opening any other applications: it could greatly complicate things if you went and played around with it while it tried doing its thing.

    Before reinstalling the OS, you can try a couple of things first. You will need to follow instructions carefully.

    First, download and install MainMenu: run the all the Cleaning tasks and ask for Deep Clean for the system's cache. Restart.

    If that didn't change anything, try Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM.

    If that doesn't change anything, try resetting the SMU. Depending on which PowerMac G5 model you have this last procedure can be easy as unplugging your unit from the electrical outlet and waiting a few minutes or you will have to play with your PowerMac's logic board in which case you have to be careful and follow instructions very carefully.

    Report back and let us know how all this went for you. Good luck!

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