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    Question conlficting keyboard shortcuts
    Hello everyone. I just want to say, I love OSX and everything Apple. I have been using OSX for about 6 months now, and I have just bought a macbook pro.

    Anywho... In Final Cut Pro I want my insert and overwrite edit shortcuts to be F9 and F10.... but everytime i use them I get what OSX wants them for and that is viewing the windows and stuff. Now I know I can change those and make them like option F9 and option F10.... but is there a way to have them both work and just have f9 and f10's fuctions to be overwrite and insert edits while in final cut pro.... then while I am not using FCP have them be what they would be for OSX?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think the only way around this is to change the apple keyboard shortcuts in the system prefrences -> keyboard and mouse. That'd work, but if you want the shortcuts changed only while in Final Cut Pro, then I'm not so sure on how to do that.

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