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    Not enough space to install OSX??
    Hi, I am a new mac user. I currently have a macbook pro and am having a bit of a problem. I recently installed Windows XP in order to play some games at a friend's house. I couldn't get the partition to work with Bootcamp (some error about not being able to move certain files or something) so I decided to back up all my media and documents to an external harddrive and install XP completely onto my macbook. Everything went smoothly until today when I tried to reinstall OSX. I put in my install disc and chose the option to erase my current partition that was running windows. All was well until I got some error in the middle of installation saying that an error has occured and I should retry installation again. Well fine, but now I do not have enough memory to install even with just the necessary system drivers chosen. I also cannot boot back into XP as I get a blinking question mark when I eject the installation disc.

    Do I have to reinstall Windows and then format through DOS and then retry installation or is there an easier way? I can't find my current XP disc at the moment.

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    How did you choose the option to erase the partition? Did you just decide to install over the current one or did you go into Disk Utility and then format from there?

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