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    Exchange 2003 connection issues
    Hello all,

    I am new here so please be gentle.

    We have a new G5 mac and are having issues connecting it to our exchange 2003 server.

    I am not great when it comes to using a mac but I have setup the printers and mapped drives etc on it all ok. I also managed to get our old mac using mail ok on our old 5.5 server for years, However I just cant seem to get the mac connected. I have put all our dns servers and the domain.local in the search box. I can ping the servers using the terminal util and can connect to a drive on the server but I have tried to setup both mail and entourage and both say they cannot connect to the server.

    Could anyone help me at all?

    Many thanks

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    Jun 06, 2007
    All fixed!!

    The new exchange server wasn't running Imap4!! Doh!



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    Thanks for posting the solution to your problem, Simon! You never know, it could very well help someone else that has he same problem.


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