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Thread: Reformating of ailing G4 Notebook using MacBook CDs

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    Reformating of ailing G4 Notebook using MacBook CDs
    I just got a new MacBook to replace my old G4 Notebook that I got second hand. The aging G4 is full of an accumulation of stuff I'd like to get rid of, so I can continue to use it for emergencies. The problem is I don't have the original reinstallation CDs to use to reformat the G4's hard drive. Is it possible to use the CDs that came with my MacBook, or am I better off just leaving it alone? Thanks!

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    Nope. The discs that came with you MacBook will only work on a MacBook and nothing else. On top of that, the discs that came with your MacBook have the Intel version of OSX, not a Universal or PPC version that would work on the G4.

    You need to either find a set of discs for your G4 (check e-bay) or buy the full retail version of OSX which is Universal.

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    Thank you so much! I'm sure you saved me a lot of grief!

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    Quote Originally Posted by techhappy View Post
    Thank you so much! I'm sure you saved me a lot of grief!
    Besides the legal issues, and the fact that the DVD/CD that comes with most Macs is for that machine and will not work on a different model Mac, Your MacBook is Intel and needs an Intel version of OSX. Your G4 needs a Power PC version of OSX. The G4 will not even boot off the media that came with your MacBook.

    Hope that helps.

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