Hi all again

I have another question

I have a 3yr old Powerbook G4

about a year ago I had a hard drive crash so had to install a new hard drive, this is now all working fine but since installing the new hard drive I've had a few issues

I have my Powerbook linked up to a larger monitor and have dual displays, if I want to restart my mac i have to a) hold down the apple key for it too boot up otherwise it just switched itself off and b) unplug the monitor cable as for some reason it does not like restarting with this cable plugged in - also my battery power display never shows 100% even when its continuously plugged in - its always either at 98% or 99%

Just wondered if anyone else had come across a similar problem - from research done on the web it seems it could be an internal battery problem - but if it is where do you get one of these from?

Thanks again for any help and sorry for posting 2 questions in quick succession