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    Weird System Preferences Issue
    I'm a recent pc-mac convert, and i was so excited about ridding myself of silly os errors, yet i get the only mac that sucks. My issue is with the preferences window, not just with system preferences but with any preferences window or any system pop up. it basically isnt redrawing the background to white and uses whatever was there last as the back ground, to see what im talking about look at this photobucket album of my screenshots
    please help! i want to like mac really i do.....but so far it is just a different version of laggy old windows :-/

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    First thing is first...

    Give me your system specs. Click Apple>About this Mac. then click the More Info button. Then, hit Command (Apple) shift 4 to take a selection screenshot of the main System Profiler window.


    You need to boot your computer off the OS disk that came with it (or a retail copy of OS X). When the installer loads, click Utilities>Disk Utility.
    Select your main OS disk/partition in the list. Click the First Aid tab. Run first aid, then do a repair permissions on the drive. Reboot. This SHOULD fix it...I will know more once you get me your system specs. Pls just post image in thread or upload to PhotoBucket or something.

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    I would try cleaning your System/Kernal caches. You can do it through programs such as Onyx ( You should use it anyway.

    Load Onyx up, go to "Cleaning", then "Caches", then uncheck Application/Font, and check System/Kernel caches.

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