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    How to remove old owner info from used Macbook Pro
    Just purchased a one month-old Macbook Pro on craigslist. Need to know if there is a way to remove all of the old owner info on the HD and personalize it with my info without doing a complete re-install of Mac OS using the install disks and wiping out/losing some of the software applications already on the computer?


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    Well, the best way would be to restore the machine, but you stated that you don't want to do that.

    May I ask what sort of applications you will be losing? If you're worried about the iLife suite (iPhoto, iMovie, etc.) or the trial versions of Office and Pages, then you should know that they are on the restore discs. Plus, you could always download the install files for apps you want.

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    I would have thought you would get the disks with the machine. If you don't have the disks you are not the registered owner of the programs which means that you should not be using them.
    Many good free programs can be found on the internet. Just do some searches in the forum and links will take you to what you may need.

    Personally I would do a total refresh of the hard drive and start from new. More exciting when its all yours.
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, corleonis63.

    The only way is to erase the hard drive and reinstall, like the members above have said. And just leaving the applications on the hard drive is in violation of the software EULAs. I know that some apps make sure before you start using them that your computer is authorized to use them: to my eyes this is equal to the app phoning home to head quarters, you see?

    So your safest bet is to wipe and reinstall.

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