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    Help on this strange problem please!

    In the last 2 days I have experienced a very strange problem. Well strange to me! I have been a very contented Mac user for a few months now but not very techie minded so please answer in words I might understand!

    The problem,

    Initially I couldn't access Ebay with Firefox but could access everywhere else that I wanted. I phoned a friend and they could access it fine. Then I noticed my mail was a bit intermittent. I can receive email but not send it. I went on to my webmail and I can't reply or send new messages. It seems that I can't do some outgoing sort of stuff or stuff with CGI script (noticed CGI in the address on ebay). Although I can post on here and access banking etc so some connection things seem ok.

    Where do I start? I have looked in System preferances for the obvious things like a block on certain sites etc but nothing. I tried my internet provider (talktalk) but they are as usual unhelpful.

    The only thing that seems to fit is I (around the same time as the problems started) installed the system update that came through on Thursday. Could this have put a curse on me?!

    Any help would be gratefully recieved - i am starting to go mad with it now!

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    Jun 02, 2007
    Oh - forgot to say
    I forgot to mention that the mail I have set up worked fine for months. Also it is the same email as my internet provider as I have done some google searches and read that lots of providers stop 'foreign' email going through their servers.

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