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    Strange problem with Mac Mini
    hey all, hopefully you guys can help me out on this.

    i have an early 2006 mac mini (intel core duo, 1gb ram, 80gb hdd).

    starting at the beginning - yesterday evening i downloaded the new itunes and two security updates. not sure if any of this stuff is causing this but figured i'll mention it...

    last night, i tried to bring my mac out of sleep mode by hitting the control key (it almost always works for me) and it would not come out regardless of what i did. so i turned it off and turned it back on (i've done it a few times before - it's the last resort for me when it does not come back on from sleep mode - it always works fine right after). so it comes back on and i start using it again. I have three programs that startup automatically - Mail, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. After about 5 minutes, my computer locked up and a message came up on my screen saying (in 4 languages) "you must restart your computer". it told me to hold down the power button and restart. my mouse and keyboard (both are Apple bluetooth products) did not work at this point, and i had to restart

    the same thing happened again two more times. finally i gave up, turned it off for the night, and went to bed. this morning, i did the same thing, and it did the same thing again. this time when i restarted though, i went into finder and restarted the computer the regular way (apple icon -> restart). i don't know if this solved the problem, but i figure i should at least ask and see if anyone else is running into this problem.

    please let me know if there are others out there with this problem. thanks in advance!

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    It's best if no apps are running when you use Software Update. Other than that, each and every iTunes update I've ever downloaded has screwed up iTunes' permissions, so I always run a permissions fix, using the version of Disk Utility in the Utilities folder, after an iTunes update.

    As well, this post might help put your machine back on an even keel.

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