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    can brand new macbook get viruses?
    was wondering if my new macbook can get viruses? and should i get some virus protection? is it worth it? reccomended programs? i have os x tiger

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    there are so many threads on that here. really, a search would be your best bet.
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    ^^ I'll second eric on that motion.

    There is a ton of threads about the topic.

    But for a quick answer, u won't need to worry about, u r not in Windows Land anymore. Enjoy the Safety of MAC OS X


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    the only point for virus protection would be to protect your pc friends from viruses, like if you were to forward emails and such. your mac cant get pc viruses but it can pass them on. (like if you were to forward an email that had a virus). 99% of viruses are made for pc's. so in short, you dont really need virus protection...

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    NOTE: Not a hardware issue. Moved to appropriate software forum.
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