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    New Firefox Window Never Stays Put
    When I open up a second window in Firefox, it always opens up a little lower than the one before it, going under the dock. I, of course, want them to all open the same size and the same place. How do I go about making the second window and all windows opened after that to be the same as the first?

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    This is the default behaviour for most browsers, and I'm not sure it that can be changed, AFAIK.

    I use Safari and each new window is stacked just a little to the right and just a little lower than the one before. This lets you see how many windows are open in the application and to be honest, I just enable Tabs and use them instead. It's very rare that I open up a new window but I also have a 20" screen too!

    Make sure the top of the original window sits flush with the Finder MenuBar and this should help a bit. You can also set the Dock to Always Hide in Dock Prefs to free up screen real estate, or relocate it to either side of your Desktop.

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    I have the same problem and figured it was default behavior. I just drag it back up and ignore it

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    if you cant fix it i find TABS works better

    just use - command T

    although safari on my imac when i open a new window it goes on top of the other.

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    I guess I thought I could fix this because I hadn't noticed it until recently. This is too bad because I like to have a few open windows with tabs inside of them to organize what I'm doing. It would be nice if there was an Add-On or something to correct this.

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