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    Hello all! New user, great forum. I have a feeling I will be visiting this quite often! I have a MacBook (obviously) with an 80GB hardrive. It is telling me that I have consumed all but about 4GB of the memory, but I can only trace about 38GB of that consumed space. I look at all major folders (movies, tunes, pictures, etc.) and can't find the source of the consumption. My buddy, whos MacBook (sistership) is sitting beside mine for the same reason. He has the 60GB hardrive, and is getting a message that says: "Start-up disk is full" and we can only find 28GB consumed. Where is the space lost? Is there anyway to trace the consumption? And lastly, with the space on my computer disappearing so quickly, and my inability to trash most anything, can any suggest the safest way to back-up data. I'm starting to get a little uneasy! I was looking into removable hard drives, which are a steal these days, and was wondering if some are more secure and safe than others, and if there is any way to be totally secure of data? Thanks so much gang. That was a lot of questions and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer them! Thanks again!


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    Weird try this out.

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    Thanks! That really helped me to see where all the space is consumed. What are some recommendations for backup? What is secure? Is there a specific brand of external hard drive I should consider? Thanks all!


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