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    Wiping Clean old Power Book
    I just bought the new MacBook Pro and now i am wanting to give my old Power Book to family member. I have everything i wanted from my old lap top transferred to my new one, and now what i would like to do is completely clean out my old lap top. How would i get rid of all my files, software, anything that was added since my use, and get it back to "brand new" status?

    Thank you.

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    Here's an excerpt from that Macworld article:

    Erase Your Drive Using Disk Utility, you can remove both your personal data and installed software in one pass. Before you begin, make sure you’ve transferred vital data to another location. Once you’ve saved those files, start up from the system disc—insert it in the drive, and restart your Mac while holding down the C key. Select a language, click on the arrow button, and choose Utilities: Disk Utility in the screen that appears. (These instructions are based on the latest installation discs, but the general procedure should work for whatever version you have.)

    When the Disk Utility window opens, select the hard drive in the pane on the left; then click on the Erase tab. Select Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) from the pull-down menu; then click on the Security Options button and make sure Zero Out Data is selected. This will overwrite your drive with zeros. (Newer versions of Disk Utility also include 7-Pass Erase and 35-Pass Erase options—overkill for those of us who don’t keep state secrets on our machines.) When the process finishes, close Disk Utility and follow the installer prompts to reinstall OS X.

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