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Thread: Wait for Leopard?

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    Wait for Leopard?
    Hey guys,

    I am a college student and am in the market for a Mac Book Pro. I just got back from the Apple store and had all my questions answered. I found out about Leopard (at least more than what I knew) and that it is coming out in October. My dilemma is, should i wait for it to be installed already on the Pro and get the whole laptop in October, or should I just get the laptop in June and then wait to see how Leopard is and buy it at a student discount price and install it myself? My dad and I are kind of butting heads on this subject. He says to wait and i say i can get it now and install it later. He thinks it wont work as well if i buy just leopard in octorber and the pro now. I'm impatient, i know, but i have the money now and Tiger works amazingly well. The Pro's are ready for 64-bit, so if i install Leopard seperately in october, i shouldnt have any problems, right?

    PS: I DO plan on waiting for WWDC on June 11th bc hopefully the new MBP will be out!

    Please, give me your opinions, guys.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stang68 View Post
    My dad . . . thinks it wont work as well if i buy just leopard in octorber and the pro now.
    Sure, it will. Your dad might be recalling problems he had with Windows installs, but the Mac OS is vastly different. You can't translate Windows' problems to the Mac any more than you can translate a DC-3's propeller problems to a 747.

    Waiting for Steve Jobs' speech is a good idea, in case he announces any MacBook Pro updates.

    If you're new to the Mac, buying it in June would be best. That way, it will be second nature by the start of the school year. If you wait, you'll be busy enough without having to unlearn Windows, as well.

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    Wow...those are all great points. I'll be sure to bring those up haha thanks a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stang68 View Post
    Wow...those are all great points. I'll be sure to bring those up haha thanks a lot.
    To piggyback on what Brown already said. One of the greatest things I've found about Macs is that even machines that are four or five years old can still run the latest OS. Try installing Vista onto a Pentium III with 256mb of ram...

    The MBP's that will be released in June (huge assumption, but I think we're all fairly certain at this point) will run Leopard equally well as the ones that are released with Leopard. In fact, I think those MBP's will still be the same models. I don't think we'll see any new updates to the MBP's hardware-wise until December probably (again an assumption).

    On the other hand, there are a couple great reasons to get a MBP in June instead of October. First, as already stated it gives you time to get acclimated to OSX and error for mistakes since you can do a fresh install of Leopard when it comes out. Second, all new OS's have bugs. Buying a comp with Tiger which is basically bug-free gives you a chance to wait and see how Leopard performs when it comes out... all for the low price of around $129 for an upgrade.

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