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    Intel-based iMac OS X Tiger Compatibility
    Anyone know which Macs (G4, G5, etc.) are compatible with the OS X Tiger (10.4.7) that was included with my Intel-based iMac? I have an old G4 lying around and was thinking about installing OS X on it but I do not know enough about Macs to figure out if it's compatible.


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    most likely not, additionally, your license only allows you to install the os on one machine.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. Is the code really that different from the non-Intel version? And has anyone at least "tried" this?

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    Those Restore Disc/s are Model Specific. Only Full Retail Install Discs can be used like you mention

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    The discs that come with the machine can only be used with that model, as pulse said.

    You need to buy the full retail version, which has the universal binary, meaning it will run on any capable Mac. You may install it once by the license, but Apple hasn't built in any blockade to restrict you (yet).
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