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    Does .DS_Store really hold folder view info??
    I did a test by opening a folder, opening view options, and changing the background picture for that folder only. if I close the window and open it again, it shows up fine.

    Now, if I remove the folder's .DS_Store file, then open the window... it still shows the picture background! I thought .DS_Store holds view info for each folder? How do I reset a folder to default view?

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    I believe the window background is another hidden file. At any rate, command+j will bring up the folder properties. you can remove the image from there.
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    Thanks. Is there some sort of "reset to default" somehow? To bring a window completely back to its default? Maybe a trick via Terminal?

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    I toggled the invisible files to visible with an AppleScript, created a folder then another inside it, then fiddled with the folders' .DS_Store files that sometimes seem to take forever before they're created. (There's a freeware/donationware Invisibles app on versiontracker that does it, too.)

    It appears that the DS_Store file in the encompassing folder controls the view of the nested folder. (Unless I screwed something up. But I did it twice.)

    I changed the nested folder's view to List, then trashed its Store file and logged out and in. Nothing happened. So I did the same thing with the encompassing folder, and when I logged back in, it was the nested folder that had returned to the default Icon view.

    But logging out was a race against time. If the Store file sometimes takes forever to be created, when I didn't want it to reappear, it was created as soon as I trashed the original.

    If you try this, it might be easier to into the keyboard preferences and set an F key to logout so you can hit it immediately after trashing the Store file.

    You probably could read the .DS_Store file by opening it with TextEdit.

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