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rpdwyer 05-23-2007 01:25 PM

10.4 RAID Mirror incompat w/10.3?
Hello all.
I formatted two drives as a RAID Mirror config using Disk Utility from OS 10.4.8 (10.5.6) in an external firewire wire enclosure. Both drives are Hitachi Deskstar 500 GB and formatted with the Raid AutoRebuild option.

The show up fine on my laptop running 10.4.8. When I move the firewire box to our XServe G5 (10.3.9 Server Unlimited) I receive an error message that the drives are not readable and need to be initialized. Therefore it's not even recognizing the Raid drive but only see the two individual drives.

I have found plenty of info regarding incompatability of RAID drive when upgrading to Tiger but nothing regarding using a RAID Mirror configured under Tiger to be used on Panther.

Can this be done or do I have to use 10.3.9 version of Disk Utility? I used 10.4 because I wanted the AutoRebuild Feature.


NanoBite 05-24-2007 04:43 AM

Does this help at all?

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