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    Question newbie question..delete past upgrades?
    Is this as way to free up space and/or increase speed of applications as I'm at the point where I'm running into slowness and the beachball thingy..thanks in advance.......

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    The number of apps on a drive that are not running has nothing to do with the computer's speed, unless they and your other files are taking up so much space there is not enough room or none for the OS and virtual memory to work properly.

    Various accounts put the minimum free amount that must remain at about 20 percent of the drive's size, I believe.

    If that isn't the problem, run the free Onyx or MainMenu's cache-cleaning functions to get rid of any old junk saved as temporary files collecting cobwebs and hogging space.

    As well, it might be worth while going back to the basics and booting from the DVD to run Disk Utility's system fixer-upper and permissions repairs.

    How and why would you remove application updates?

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