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    Powerbook with Tiger
    I have an early 2004 aluminum Powerbook. My hard drive finally crashed last week, so I'm getting a new one soon (probably a 5400 Ultra ATA, I have a thread asking for recommendations on this in the Hardware section) and figured it might be a good time to make the leap from 10.3 to Tiger. I'm a little wary of this because the last time a made a big leap, on my G3 iMac, from OS9 to OSX, everything slowed way down and was never the same again, even after I went back to OS9. It seems like more and more apps coming out require 10.4. Is it worth the $130 to upgrade? Any pros/cons from people who've been through similar situations? Any input's appreciated.

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    It depends on the processor speed and RAM in your Powerbook. Take a look at a tip I wrote for my website on using Mac OS X Tiger on older Macs:

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    I do a lot of video editing, currently with AVID Xpress Pro. It's an older version, 3. something. How does AVID work with Tiger and the newest iLife version of iDVD?

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