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    Applications getting slower
    The applications on my Macbook seem to be getting slower. I get the spinning beach ball alot more when I'm opening up applications or closing them. Sometimes Safari will freeze when I try to close it. I've had problems with keyboard functions too. If I press the volume button, it takes a while until the volume actually goes up. If I open dashboard, it takes a while to open up.

    I seem to be getting the problem alot when I come back from sleep mode. It's not constantly happening. Like right now it's fine. I'm not sure if it's that I have little RAM because Safari gets slow when that's the only thing that's open. Anyone know what's causing this?
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    Have you empty Safari's cache ? Also ran the Unix maintenance scripts? You can accomplish both of these by downloading Onyx, a free program to that takes care of some OSX maintenance. Running these helps you Mac run smoothly, and you may see a small increase in speed.

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    512mb RAM is not enough. 1Gb minimum is recommended.

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    Yeah boosting up the ram should help speed yup your macbook significantly. It's using your harddrive once it runs out of ram. The harddrive is significantly slower then the ram and therefore slows down your programs.

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