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Thread: Sending files via Bluetooth

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    Question Sending files via Bluetooth
    I know how to send files (pictures) TO my iBook G4 from my Nokia mobile phone but I can't figure out how to send from the iBook to my phone. I'd like to send images and mp3 files. I clicked on Send file in the Bluetooth bar but nothing comes up, like no "select a file" or anything.
    And yes, both devices have Bluetooth turned on.
    Is this possible, to send images and mp3 files from the laptop to phone? Thankyou!!!

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    Select a file and hit Command + Shift + B, then select your phone and send away

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    Thank you! I was almost thinking its going to be impossible to get the "Send to bluetooth" thing from within Finder. Searched all over the internet and finally, its Command+Shift+B!

    Is there any way to add this to the context menu? Like Right click > Send file to bluetooth..?

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    I saw a post earlier by another member (sorry, don't remember the name so can't give credit) about adding an Eject button in the menubar through the Menu Services.

    So there are lots of things in the same place, including a Bluetooth thingy that would help sending files...

    Go to Macintosh HD -> System -> Library -> CoreServices -> Menu Extras ->

    Click on it once it will appear in the menubar and the item should stay there upon restarts.

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    Hah! Found the post I was looking for above! It was great info by cowasaki and his awesome post is here!

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