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    Renamed Home Folder, Everything Is Gone!
    Ok, so I rename my home folder, then restarted my computer. Now all my preferences are gone, so everything has been reset to default, the wallpaper, the dock, everything, as if I had just taken the thing out of the box. All my files are still on the HDD though, I can see them.

    I heard of this happening to a guy before, he renamed his home folder, but instead of a renamed home folder, OSX created a new, empty one. He eventually fixed it, but didnt give specifics on HOW he fixed it. I'm sure this has happen to people before, so anybody, HELP!

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    LOL... don't do that.

    Here's a link to get you back on track.. let us know if you need any help.

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    Locate the User's folder on your hard disk and open it.
    Select the home folder with the original short user name and the home icon. This folder usually contains a Desktop folder and a Library folder. Add "_new" to the end of the name so that you can distinguish it later.
    Select the regular folder that has the name you used when you changed your original home folder. This folder should contain items you would expect to find in your original home folder, such as your Pictures folder, Documents folder, and so on. Change the name of this folder back to the original short user name.
    Log out, then log in again and verify that items are back where they belong.

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    There's this post.

    Edit: Jeez. Too slow.

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    Yup, can't do that! With all of the things you can do in OS X, one thing that shouldn't happen is renaming your home directory.
    The fix is easy enough:

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    OMG, THANK YOU! I almost had a bloody heart attack after the restart when I saw everything reset.

    Heh, I've been using OS X for like 5 years, have been on a Mac my whole life, and have done everything but crawl inside my current Macs. You would think things like this would stop happening to me.

    Thanks again guys.

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