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    Putting a tigger on g4 350
    I have just been given a g4 350 and want to put tiger on it . I have a g5 isight with tiger , and was wondering if I could connect my g5 to the g4 with a firewire cable and put the tiger and classic on to the g4 from the g5 .
    The g4 only has a cd rom drive , so it will not accept the system discs from the g5 because they are on dvd .

    Many thanks Colin

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    The license for your Tiger OS disks only allow you to use the OS on one machine.

    While it may in some way be possible, though the way you're talking about is highly unlikely, it would be against forum rules to discuss it, so i'd nix it.

    welcome to the forums anyway!
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    Ok thanks anyway . If you ask you don't know . I can always get a cd copy of tiger from apple I suppose .

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    Yes, you can order Mac OS X Tiger on CD instead of the DVD version.

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