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    Folders in Dock Won't Open
    I have my home folder and application folder in my dock but for some reason I can't get them to open when I click on them. I can right click them and see a contextual menu of their contents but if I click open in the menu or just left click the dock icon nothing happens. The same thing goes for my Trash. I can right click the dock icon and empty it but I can't open it to see what's in the trash. If I logout the problem goes away when I log back in, but eventually it occurs again. Anyone know what's causing this?

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    Regarding the Home/Application folders in your Dock, have you tried removing them and then adding them to the Dock to see if this changes anything?

    Regarding your Trash problem, I haven't come across your exact issue before but this article might shine some light on how to fix things.

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    These problems seem to be all related to the Dock plist.

    Did you try trashing that file and then restarting? Might help. The path is this:

    Macintosh HD -> Users -> your user account -> Library -> Preferences ->

    Let us know how this goes.

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