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    Newbie Question - Burn a folder without a "Burn Folder"
    I think this is one of those obvious things that I am just missing.

    I want to be able to just click on a folder (e.g. "Vacation Pictures") and burn it to CD or DVD for backup. Or even just pull the folder over to the CD/DVD drive to burn it. From what I can tell I always have to create a "Burn Folder" and then drag the "Vacation Pictures" folder to that and then click on the "Burn Folder" to burn my pictures to CD.

    It is not that big of a deal, put I was just curious if there was a once step process instead of this multiple step process. Again, I am new to the Mac so maybe I am just not looking at with the right prospective. Maybe common practice is to have a generic "Burn Folder" from which to drag thing in, burn, and then delete out the alias, and then repeat for other folders?

    Any advise would be great.


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    Apr 04, 2007
    Never mind - I found it

    I swear I actually looked for how to do this before I posted this question on the forum. I then changed my search criteria and found this article which explains how to do exactly what I was trying to do.

    The funny thing is now that I know how to burn to cd with out a "burn folder", I see why the "burn folder" is so cool.

    I've go to quit looking at everything on my new Mac with my old "Window's" glasses.

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