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    Reading/Writing to an external hdd
    Hello all,

    I have an external harddrive here. I need to transfer data from an xserver g5 to a windows 2003 PC. I looked around and noticed that mac's do not support the windows ntfs format, so I formatted the drive using fat32.

    When I hook up the external hdd to the xserve, via usb, how can I access this drive? Should it auto-detect?

    Im very new to mac's and any help would be appreciated. Im running MAC OS X Server Version 10.3.9


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    Nov 08, 2006
    Also, if I go in to Hardware - USB, I actually see the enclosure and the maxtor hdd so the system actually see's the hardware. How do I mount this drive and view it?

    Here is another update: I hooked up this drive to another mac that I have which is running 10.4.6 and it detected and mounted the drive without any issues.

    My 10.3.9 has all of the latest updates. Is there a patch or something that I must install? I also tried to install these drivers but still no luck:

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Mac's can support NTFS. I have this on my MacBook.
    check out the following link.
    It's fairly easy to setup and get going. I now move my data between OSX and NTFS depending on what I need to do. It's still in dev but it sure does work.
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    If it is formatted to fat32 when you connect to the mac it should see it and place a drive icon onto the least thats how it works on my mac book pro. I am assuming that x ser ve won't be much different.
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