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    Files don't appear when saved/downloaded
    Hi all--

    Tried searching this, but it's kind of hard to describe my issue for searching purposes....

    My brand new machine--24" iMac, 2.16ghz core duo, OSX 10.4.9--has this problem where certain files don't appear when they are created. A couple examples:

    When downloading a file from the internet, a picture, email attachment, whatever, the file won't appear on the desktop (where my saved internet files should be directed). If I perform a search from the finder for the file, it will appear on the finder window and on the desktop.

    Similarly, when I save certain files (I can't say ALL files, since I only have a few days' experience with this machine), they don't appear where I have saved them to. Again, a search sets everything straight.

    What gives? Any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: A reboot seems to have solved the problem for now...was it as simple as that??

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    could have been. i would have also suggested, if that didn't work, to try deleting the finder plist (spotlight finder and it's under the documents section).
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    I have a feeling that it just meant that the cache had to be purged through a restart. As eric pointed out, deleting the plist is also a good idea (and fixes even stranger behaviours from Mac OS X) but for changes to take effect, you need to restart anyway.

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    I also have similar problems sometimes. When I empty trash, the bin does not empty itself, but I have to click on each of the item to see it disappear

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