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    Grayscale problem
    Does anyone know how to turn off grayscale from the keyboard? I am aware how to toggle with universal access, Apple & option & Ctrl & 8, but I have a problem with students turning on the grayscale only on managed computers.

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    Could you elaborate?
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    Can you restrict the powers on those computers like maybe ask a password for having anything to do with the System Preferences? I don't know how that can be done though... I guess this would have to be set on the server that takes care of those Macs.

    Maybe a savvy Mac IT guy in here could tell us if it can be done.

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    The students do not have permission to universal access. It is shut off in workgroup manager. With it shut off they can still use the keyboard shortcuts. We have been unable to find the shortcut that only controls the grayscale. The Ctrl-option-apple & 8 only toggles the negative look.

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    Ah! Ok so you need to disable certain keyboard shortcuts on those workstations from the server... I have no idea how to do this. Maybe a system admin can jump in here and give you ideas.

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    I can access the preference pane through OS 9 and delete it or compress it (it's a folder), but someone who knows the Terminal might be able to do the same thing with a script.

    Since the system is off-limits to users, the kids wouldn't be able to unzip it, if they even had a clue why it doesn't work.

    Zipping might be better than outright deletion because you might need the preference pane again. But you'd need the unzip script, as well.

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