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    Speculation about viruses..
    This may sound dumb, but oh well...I just read where a Google research study on viruses indicated that about 1 in 10 web pages are equipped with malicious code, some of which have been passed on by download of 'third party widgets'. About 8,000 of these pages per month are appearing on the web and many already affected are legit sites. That got me to thinking... could a Mac accumulate enough of these to be affected speed-wise and response-wise, even though the virus could not penetrate the Mac like it would a Windows OS and actually highjack anything? In other words could virus code simply clog or hinder or slow down the Mac's performance?

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    Since they would only be extra files on the Hard Drive, I'm not sure how they would bog down the system itself. They might take up space on the hard drive or slow down your internet connection because of file transfers though.

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    You'd notice anything downloading and the widgets mentioned may be Yahoo widgets for Windows. Just stick to widgets on the Apple site (I don't know where else you'd bother getting them from).

    Like most of these things, I think it's a threat in theory rather than practice.

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