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    Need Help!!!!!!!
    Ok so I got this Macbook Pro off of craigslist.... yeah yeah dont lecture me of buying it like that but anyways.... I didnt get a cd or any softwear for it I got everything else for it. I used my friends softwear to run Disk Utilities and format the HD so i can do a fresh install of the OS. Well when I try to install the softwear a pop up would come up and say"you are not able to install this softwear on this system" or osmething like that. So now im left with this MacBook that wil not boot up or take the OS. Do I have to go to the macstore and buy the OS and try that? Help?????

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    you are probably using install media that is for a different model and not the macbook pro

    you need to find the universal install disc or a macbook pro restore disk

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    you need to find the restore disc(s) that fit your computer.. you can't just use any OSX restore disc(s). You could try ebay or see if there is some other company on the internet that sells OSX restore disc(s). As a last option you can call apple direct and tell them you lost them and they will send them out to you.. Last time I had to buy restore discs from apple I spent $35 after shipping for two discs.

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    yeah looks like i was trying to use the recover disk from a macbook and not from a pro. So I stopped by the apple store and they just re-installed the OS. All is good. Thanx people and the Mac Store =]

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