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    Intel Processor
    Ok so for you mac ppl this is going to be the most stupidest question you have ever heard, but in my head it stands to reason

    I just wanted to ask now apple's run on intel processors, is it not possible just to go out buy all the parts RAM HDD Intel processor. Then buy a copy of OS X and run it on your brand new CHEAP machine

    obviously i know the answer is no other wise loads of ppl would be doing this, i wondered why it is not posible to do this?

    thank you and hope i haven't made my self look to stupid!

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    Why is it not possible? Because it's illegal. It says so right there in the EULA for OS X that Apple's OS is not to be installed on non-Apple hardware.

    So while there are no technical limitations to installing OS X on a non-Apple computer, doing so would entail you to break the law. An x86 version of Tiger is not available for retail purchase, so acquiring a copy is going to prove to be a bit difficult legally.

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    Hey Kash Thanx for the speedy response

    I'm not saying i want to i just wanted to know if it would be physically possible to do that now apple is running Intel processors

    and if there were any physical limitations to to doing it?

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    The problem is with the BIOS PCs use and the Firmware Macs use. You have to be skillful hacking a PC to run OS X, and it is a lot of effort.

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