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Thread: Dual proessing

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    Dual proessing
    I have heard that macs aren't efficient or as fast at dual processing tasks as PC's

    I just wondered if this is true and to what extent the difference is

    Thank you

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    What do you mean by dual processing tasks? Are you referring to programs optimized for two processors/cores?

    If so, then I would find that a bit hard to believe seeing as how Macs have dual-core processors in them (pretty good ones too). Granted, older programs were written primarily for the single-core PowerPC processors, but current and future programs should definitely be written to take advantage of multiple thread processing.

    Do you have any programs in particular you wanted to mention or are you simply sharing some information you "heard" from "somewhere"?

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    while this is information i "heard" "somewhere" i not trying to share it im trying to find out how much truth if any there is in it

    by dual processing i wasnt referring to any apps in particular i just meant run two apps simultaneously, i.e burning a cd and waching a video etc

    (please note this post is not an attack on apple machines)

    Thank you

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    Well, the example you've given would be more dependent on the hard drive and memory speed, rather than the processor. Both these components are on the highest consumer spec available (SATA and DDRII 667Mhz memory) on iMacs and above.

    Most programs now support multiple cores very well, otherwise there would be no point in Apple selling 8 core Mac Pros.

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