Hey guys, i'm running OSX 10.4.9 and i just got my iMac 20 incher last week.

I'm running into a really strange little internet problem. I say strange because of this. I'm gonna try my best to describe the issue:

I use a Cable Modem connected to my computer by an ethernet cord. My instant messenger runs constantly, non stop, without any issue. File transfers works with buddies at any moment.

However, while using Safari for about 10-15 minutes from Wakeup or Startup, the browser ceases to work as if it times out. My widgets that connect to the web such as weather or stocks ceases to work as well. A simple restart fixes the problem.

What would you guys diagnose this problem as? Is it a firewall issue? Is it a port that i need to open up? I'm not very pro at this, and so i may not know some of the network lingo that gets thrown around. Any advice would help. Thanks