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Thread: Terminal in 10.3 denies permission

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    May 14, 2007
    Terminal in 10.3 denies permission
    I seldom use terminal, but have successfully used it with the hdiutil command to burn .iso CD's. Now when I try to use it, no commands work at all, I get an error message that says "permission denied." BTW, 10.3 disc burn doesn't work to create a disc image from an iso, which is why I began using terminal--that seems like my only option.
    Please help.

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    try typing "su yourusername" without the quotes. Then enter your password. Hope that helps.

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    I beleve he meant sudo yourusername or just su.

    Using su yourusrrname will log in to your own your account.
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    Thanks. su username felt like progress, as the password prompt came up on the next line (I've been getting no response at all, except "permission denied." But when I type in my password, the cursor doesn't move, and I get a reply of "sorry". I've tried the password several times. What else might it be?

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