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    Force eject disk
    Hi, I'm using CrossOver to install a game but it has 2 disk to install but I can't eject it because OS X say its in use how would I eject it.

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    restart your computer and hold down the mouse button through the restart

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    May 11, 2007
    I can't restart because it says it needs disk 2 for the installation and if I restart it will quit the installation.

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    you can also try F12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casho View Post
    I can't restart because it says it needs disk 2 for the installation and if I restart it will quit the installation.
    I think your installation is hosed anyway. If it's asking for disk 2, but the OS thinks disk 1 is still in use, something's up . . .

    FWIW, I also hate the way OSX controls this. Not having an eject button is just aesthetics. If the OS isn't clever enough to be able to get it right (and it's not, ejecting a stuck disk is a regular topic on these forums) they should let us do it ourselves.

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    From Post 10 in this thread on another site comes this AppleScript:

    tell application "Finder"
    eject the disks
    end tell

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    I'd recommend creating images of both discs, and then mounting them both simultaneously.

    The problem seems to be with the fact that crossover isn't telling OS X that the disc isn't in use.

    Btw, which game is it? I doubt you'll have much joy running it using crossover if it's anything relatively modern.

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    Well its SimCity 4.

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    I'd recommend using Sim City 4 native or in bootcamp. As on a big city on my intel imac, it is a tinsey bit jumpy.

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