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    Unhappy SD Card Doesnt Work Anymore After Partition
    hey.. i first just tried to empty the trash bin.. for some reason the data just didnt want to disappear after deleting it so i went to the application for the different devices(sry, dont know the word in english) and started to parttition the card.. it didnt work with the mac system.. it workesd a bit with the ms dos system (card is recognized by camera.. memory is empty)but after each taken picture the camera shuts down by itself and the picture is not on the camera anymore..its a pentax optio m30.. how di i make the card work again? thank you. drummonds

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, drummonds.

    It's a bad idea to reformat a media card using a computer because the computer puts all sorts of junk that it will understand but not necessarily the camera.

    Did you try reformatting the card using your camera instead? That would be best.

    And partitioning a media card?!? That's a sure way of losing the card all together.

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    yeah.. that would have been best.. next time.. but what am i gonna do now ?

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    You should still be able to put it into the camera and format it in the camera menu's
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    ohh. too easy.. i didnt even know that besides delete all pictures thers a format option in the cam.. .. i spend hours a hours solving that prob.. anyway.. thank you

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