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    How to set password on a folder?
    I want to protect my folder with a password. How can I do it? Because the HDD with my information is used by other ppl and I feel nervous about it

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Here ya go:

    Quote Originally Posted by RIDE View Post
    Use the built-in DISK UTILITY, and make the folder a Password protected Disk Image.

    Applications folder>>>Utilities Folder>>>DISK UTILITY.

    Disc Utility>>>File>>>>New>>>>Disk Image from Folder>>> Find the folder you want to "lock", you'll need to choose the "128" encryption then enter the Password you want to use.

    This turns the folder into a .dmg... In order to open it,to gain access to your folder, you/they will need the password.

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    If you are on different user accounts, then your folder is fairly secure anyway - they won't be able to see it without a determined effort.

    If you are very paranoid then you could encrypt your home folder using Filevault (System Settings / Security).

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