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    Question Microsoft PC man needs help with MAC...
    Hi guys this is my first post.
    I only use PC and the dreaded Microsoft.

    I am pretty capable with the PC and hardware software OS etc... I dont own a Mac but I need help with one.

    My friend has a power Mac and asked me to Format and do a fresh re-install. He really has no idea about computers,

    So i thought I would help him out. He does not have the original OS Disc. Is it possible to do a format and re-install without it ?

    Does this mean he needs to buy a new copy of OSX ? Not sure which version he has

    I thought since you can't buy OSX and it only comes with a Mac computer, should I not be able to get a new copy sent from Mac ?

    how does this work with lost OSX Discs etc... for re-installing

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Sadly you will need the install disks, but luckily you can buy them.

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    Without the OS X CD/DVD you can't do anything. 89 from Apple, but have a look on ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis View Post
    Without the OS X CD/DVD you can't do anything. 89 from Apple, but have a look on ebay.
    Where did you get that price from? that seems a bit high.. I paid $35 from apple when I bought my imac restore discs with overnight shipping.

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