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    I was adding photos to my macbook when it suddenly closed and said to report the bug to apple. I did this and then opened up iphoto to see that all my photos from the last two years had been deleted and all my applications had been reset so that it was acting like I was using them for the first time. All my itunes music is gone but it has kept some things. When my screen saver plays it shows all the pictures which are gone from the harddrive. I've tried searching for them but to no avail..... Can anyone help??


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    That really sucks. When my hard drive crashed, I lost all of my stuff. If the music was bought off of iTunes, then you should just send them a sad/angry email. They let me re-download all of my lost stuff. I really don't know what to say about the pictures. They are obviously still somewhere on your hard drive... I'd guess that the directory listings just god deleted, so everything's there, there's just no path to get to it. I think there's some sort of software that restores the directory links. I really don't know though. Someone else will stop by that knows more than I do, and can help more.
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    Did you look in your user account, in the Pictures folder?

    Path is this: Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your user account -> Pictures

    You might spot a folder named iPhoto Library in there.

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    Yeah it sucks big time. I tried looking in the pictures folder and just the old photos are there. The applications are still acting like it's the first time there've been opened after rebooting this morning. I'll take the macbook to a repair shop today.

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