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    Question How to set task priority
    Hi everyone,

    As you know in Windows you can set a priority of a task so if you're rendering some animation or video you can set it to low priority and it'll carry on in the background and not slow down everything else. How do I do this in OSX? I constantly use maya and when I'm rendering some animation everything else gets very slow which was avoidable with windows using low priority in the task manager.

    thanks in advance!

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    It requires a trip to the Terminal. From the manpage ("man renice" in the Terminal)

    RENICE(8) BSD System Manager's Manual RENICE(8)

    renice -- alter priority of running processes

    renice priority [[-p] pid ...] [[-g] pgrp ...] [[-u] user ...]
    renice -n increment [[-p] pid ...] [[-g] pgrp ...] [[-u] user ...]

    The renice utility alters the scheduling priority of one or more running
    processes. The following who parameters are interpreted as process ID's,
    process group ID's, user ID's or user names. The renice'ing of a process
    group causes all processes in the process group to have their scheduling
    priority altered. The renice'ing of a user causes all processes owned by
    the user to have their scheduling priority altered. By default, the pro-
    cesses to be affected are specified by their process ID's.

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