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    Erasing EVERYthing
    I am going to be selling my mac and I dont want the buyer get all of my cluttered hard drive stuff, or my personal files. What would be the best and safest way for me to clear out the computer, leaving a fresh copy of Tiger?

    Thank you

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    Here are the steps taken from the document RIDE linked:

    1. Insert the Mac OS X CD.
    2. Restart the computer.
    3. Immediately after the startup sound, press and hold the "C" key to start up from CD.
    4. When the Installer screen appears, do not click Continue. Instead, choose Installer > Open Disk Utilities.
    5. Select the hard drive to erase.
    6. Click the Erase tab.
    7. Select the volume format from the Volume Format pop-up menu.
    8. Click Options.
    9. Select the checkbox for "Zero all data".
    10. Click OK.
    11. Click Erase.
    No iMac.

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