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Thread: Error Dected -9972 Help Guys

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    Jan 06, 2007
    Error Dected -9972 Help Guys
    I Ran Onyx And Got This How Do I Fix It Please??

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    To anyone looking looking in this thread:

    error -9972 (The underlying task reported failure on exit)
    I had to google it up, kilo, because your info is too cryptic. And punctuation... good thing I don't have a headache this a.m. otherwise I'd skip over this one. LOL

    Anyway I thought this was a job for DiskWarrior and then I found this blog entry, Diskwarrior: How it Just Saved My Bacon.

    So use DiskWarrior, it works wonders.

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    Jan 06, 2007
    I Fixed it!!! Very easily I might add. I just started from the install disk and ran disk utility. I then hit repair disk and it was fixed.

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    Glad to see it has been solved!

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