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Thread: F1 - F12 Keys

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    F1 - F12 Keys
    Does anyone know how to make the "F" keys funtion lke a Pc "F" key would. There is a website I use for work that uses only these keys to navigate through it. Its kinda of important if any one could help it would be greatly appeciated.

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    try the TN key ( should be at the far left on the bottom row) + whatever F key. thats how I get them to work with halo..

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    No I've tried that and still nothing. I've turned the shortcuts off to the F keys But the website still does nothing, like no command has been given.

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    There is a setting in your keyboard settings in the System Preferences

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    Go to System Preferences --> Keyboard & Mouse. Click on the Keyboard tab and check the box that says "Use the F1-F12 keys to control software features"

    That should get the function keys to work "normally"

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    No Ive tried that (for instance I need the F3 key to return to a main menu on the website when i check the box the F3 key now prompts a text search box intead of volume) and i've also gone under the unversal access menu as well and tried the checked the box enable access for assisitve devices because i heard that this may work, but still nothing. I need the Function keys to act like PC function keys, this will solve my problem. Any help is appreciated.


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    If the recommendation made by Kash doesn't work, I'm not sure there is anything you can do. What kind of website requires a function key input? If it's running under ActiveX, it's not going to work with any OS X browser.

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    Not Active X its juniper and. Its a pretty stupid way to run a website i agree, have you heard of a program Ucontrol It seems like it may be able ot do what I need

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