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    Question FileVault causing delays at shutdown

    I thought filevault was a cool idea in mac os x so i tried to turn it on.

    It said it has to encrypt all data and i will be logged off and then the main work begins. It took about 3 hours to encrypt everything, but at the end, it says the encryption failed.

    This happened about 5-6 times. Luckily, a couple of days ago, it gave no error and my home folder was successfully encrypted.

    But now I'm having problems when I shut down. I have attached an image with this post, it is a pop-up that comes after i click shut-down/restart. Everything shuts and then filevault wants to recover the disk space for me.

    I don't think this is normal. And if it is, its problematic. What happens when I wanna shut down in a hurry? I might not be able to wait for filevault to recover my space. Also note that I have always allowed filevault to recover space, never denied permissions to free up space (fearing something may go wrong).

    Anyone got any clues about this one? Thanks.

    ps- the pic attached was clicked from my phone coz I couldn't use screen capture after logging off. So it may be a bit 'low-quality'. :p
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    This is normal, every 2 days or so mine does that recovery, takes about 10 seconds or so...

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    I don't even use's too slow, and unecessary..especially for me...nobody really has acces to my computer aside from my roomates, and there isn't anything they could do to damage anything.

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    u can force a password on most filetypes anyway, so there is really no use...


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